If you wish to know about our services and the kind of food we provide, it is important that you know the history of the Sabines region. The Sabines were an ancient community who presides in central Italy. The Sabine Hills lie to the north east region of Rome and are considered to be the places of origins for Sabine descendants of today. The Romans and the Sabines are loosely entwined. In many places there is mention of the kidnapping of the Sabine women, also known as the rape of the Sabine women. That was an act of kidnapping the Sabine women in order to supply wives to a certain sect of the Romans. Rome and the inland Sabines were involved in constant conflict but today, the resultant Sabine cuisine has influences from both Italy and Rome.

This unique cuisine is what we try to provide to our patrons. At Lepetit Monde Desabine we take on a fresh look at Italian cuisine, fusing it with Roman and French influences. However the food that comes out of our kitchen are made of simple ingredients and come with strong drinks. Together they create a sensory experience that is rich and unique.

Our catering service in Italy was started in the early part of the new millennium and today we have spread our catering services in most parts of Italy. Our versatile menu helps you to choose from a wide range of appetizers, main menus, desserts and drinks. We have a number of options which include full fledged catering or simply delivering the food at your doorstep. You will find a glimpse of the menus we offer in the subsequent pages to help you plan your event’s menu. In case you wish to tailor make a menu or add on a different item, our chefs are always willing to experiment and cater to the needs of the customers.

With our versatile catering service, you can rest easy. We have handled several small and large events and offer serviced catering along with banquet hall arrangements as well. Our events management team can help you plan your event and even help you with booking a venue. we have tie ups with decorative services to help plan the layout of the seats, the buffet table arrangements or any other special arrangement you may have in mind. Check out the customer testimonials provided about our services to know the kind of service and food you can expect. With a versatile menu and many unique food choices, your guests will be floored with the kind of menu you can lay out for them. At the same time, we keep our prices competitive. We will work with you as per your budget and help you choose the best menu for your event. We have several package menus planned from before to help you choose. These menu plans can be changed as per your requirements. We advise our clients as per the seasonal favorites every month to ensure that the freshest ingredients are used to prepare the meals.

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